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Established in the year 2007, GK Rototech has gained a decade of experience as manufacturer, supplier and exporter of printing machines and cutting, rewinding machines. Our range of products includes rotogravure printing press, flexo printing machine, coating/ lamination machine, cutter and winder machine, wrapping machine, slitting machine, etc.

GK Rototech was founded under the guidance of Mr. Santosh Rajput. They have great knowledge of the requirement of printing machine in the industrial and corporate areas. We are famous in the market for providing the most affordable range of rotogravure printing machines in various specifications. These many years of experience have made us capable of understanding the needs of the industry and providing them with the most suitable products. We have attained the top position in the global market for the quality of rotogravure printing machine, slitting machine, etc. that we present to our customers. The model of the machine we present to them are prepared in the standard specifications and dimensions utilizing highest grade raw materials.

We have gained expertise in offering the best grade of rotogravure machine in high speed, economical, fully automatic, single and multi colour options. Owing to the great team of workforce, we have surpassed the level of competition in the market for manufacturing best quality durable printing machines. Our machines have gained great popularity and demand in the domestic and international market for the high grade precise printing and simple working. They are ideal for use on various materials like BOPP, PE, aluminum, paper, etc. No matter what the material is, our machine will give you the most accurate and speedy printing on the substance.

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What is Rotogravure Printing? Get Best Quote

  What Is Rotogravure Printing?

Rotogravure is an intelligent printing process that comprises of engraving the design on the surface of the object. In rotogravure printing, the design is printed on the cylinder that rotates and transfers the print on the other substance. There are 5 main components that help in executing the process: cylinder, doctor blade, roller, ink system and dryer.

  • Printing cylinder: It is the main cylindrical rod or a sleeve that is made up of steel, aluminum or any other non corrosive material. It has the design that is to be printed on the substance.
  • Doctor blade: It is used for removing the extra amount of ink from the surface of the object.
  • Roller: The task of this impression roller is to press the object which is to be printed to the printing cylinder so that the print can be transferred from the cylinder to the substance.
  • Inking system: The ink containing cylinder that holds ink pipes of various colours that are supplied to the roller. The system involves the ink pan, tank, pump and pipes.
  • Drying system: The final print on the substance needs to be dried in order to make it permanent. The drying system has a chamber which dries the print. The speed of drying and its temperature is decided based on the speed of printing, type of ink and the materials on which the design is printed.


 Working Of Rotogravure Printing Machine

The rotogravure printing machine used a cylindrical base on which the image is engraved and it is rotated on the substance that is to be printed. There are different types of materials on which the design can be printed like polyester films, papers, cardboards, aluminum foil, etc. The rotogravure machine comprises of 5 main components that makes the printing process happen. All the components need to perform accurately to give proper quality of the final print on the object. As manufacturer, we provide the rotogravure printing machine with highly efficient components for high definition prints. The process that takes place in the machine is as follows:

As the machine start, the engraving cylinder rotates. The ink pan in the ink system releases the ink of various colours from the ink cylinder and transfers it to the engraving cylinder. The excess amount of ink is removed from the surface through the doctor blade. The substance is attached with the roller that compresses it against the printing cylinder. As the roller rotates, the design from the cylinder is transferred to the substance. At the end of printing, the final product is passed into the dryer system which contains controlled temperature to dry the final print and make it permanent.

The working of our rotogravure machine is handled by a computerized system which helps the user to control the complete process. The system makes it possible to control the temperature and speed of machine. It even automates the ink releasing system and allows it to release the ink from the tank that contains the ink of required colour. The precise design and colour on the substance is possible because of the automated system and control system.

Working of Rotogravure Printing Machine Get Best Quote


Criteria For Selecting The Rotogravure Printing Machine Get Best Quote

Criteria For Selecting The Rotogravure Printing Machine

  • Type of design and material to be printed
  • Number of colours to be printed
  • Shape and size of object
  • Speed of printing
  • Temperature to be kept
  • Density of ink printed on substance


  Uses Of Rotogravure Printing Machine

  • Printing on magazines, postcards
  • Cardboard printing
  • Aluminum foil
  • Carton board
  • Polyester film
  • Packaging products
  • Security print
  • Decorative printing
  • Label printing
Uses Of Rotogravure Printing Machine Get Best Quote


Why Our Rotogravure Printing Machines Get Best Quote

Why Our Rotogravure Printing Machines?

  • Our machines are designed as per the industry set standards accepted in the domestic and international market.
  • We provide a protective layer on the cylinder for precise working.
  • They have dual layer of airproof structure to avoid any kind of external object or atmosphere on the printing process.
  • We make them with stainless steel body to make them completely corrosion proof.
  • Energy efficient working of the machines.
  • We provide advanced microprocessor control in the machine for precise printing.
  • The printing machine has the ability to maintain constant temperature.
  • Even after hours of working, they give uniform print on each part of the product without any error in the print.
  • Our printing machine can do prints of various densities.
  • The rotogravure machine we manufacture can work at varying speed of printing.


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