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The pivot system is also called the circle irrigation or the waterwheel. It is the most effective tool used in irrigation purpose having a pivot that rotates and sprinkles water on the crops. This allows to supply water effectively and properly to each crop plant to enhance their growth. Pivot system is recognized as the method that improves the distribution of water into the fields. The machine moves in the circular pattern and sprinkles water in all the direction. We are the leading pivot system manufacturer presenting the most reliable systems to provide water to the crops in uniform manner. The system has wheels set mounted on the hubs and also has sensors to determine the angle at which the joint is bent and ensure that it does not blend more than the threshold value.

The pivot system we provide is famous in the market for their uniform working and sprinkling of water. The main elements of our pivot system are the pivot point, control panel, drive unit, spans, tower box and the last unit of the drive. Each part needs to work accurately to perform the task of irrigation without any problem in the rotation. We are the leading supplier of the pivot system delivering our systems in all over India and even export them to the countries all round the world. We develop those using best technical machines and high grade raw materials to make them durable. The pivot system is highly appreciated in the global market for their performance. We ensure that they sprinkle water a constant speed and do not corrode easily. These systems can be availed from us at industry leading prices set according to the length of pivot pipes and mechanism in it.


  • Efficient sprinkling
  • Constant rate working
  • Effective working
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Variable length
  • Control panel controlled
  • Great performance




Span length


Hang length

1300mm to 27000mm


Heavy duty

Operating pressure

2.5 – 4 bar

Water requirement


Maximum stretch



*Note: The dimensions can be modified on the request of customer.