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A roll wrapping machine is preferred wrapping tool that winds the roll of the substances on a rill that can be moved from one place to another. Roll wrapping is the process in which the material is applied around the mandrel to revolve the material and generate a proper tightly wrapped roll. The machine is used in a number of industries that manufacture plastic or fabrics or any other substance that can be wrapped and converted into a roll of uniform dimension. The machine has great features and efficiency that makes them famous in the market. Our main aim is to deliver a machine that makes it safe to wrap and protect it from damage and moisture by wrapping a uniform shaped roll. The machines are developed using highest grade materials and fabrication techniques to give high quality end product.

We are the most preferred roll wrapping machine manufacturer providing the best and accurate working wrapping of the product. The machine is embedded with various features that enable smooth and fast wrapping of the substance. The wrapping machine is made in different specifications to wrap the rolls of various dimension material. We make them in an industry defined standards that make them suitable for industries. They are suitable for packaging purpose and even in manufacturing industries that make long plastic tapes, films, etc. They are various sections of the machine like roll unwinding, rewinding, cutting and automatic rolling control, etc. The unparalleled features of our machine enable us to present the highest ranking roll wrapping machine in various specifications and models.



  • Simple operating
  • Accurate working
  • Effective wrapping
  • User friendly
  • Control panel operated
  • Fast performance
  • Automatic start-stop control



Machine height


Roll weight

400kg max.

Roll diameter

700mm max.

No of rolls

20-40 rolls


50m/min max.

Maximum stretch



*Note: The dimensions can be modified on the request of customer.